How to Say ‘Thank You’ in Chinese

Like in the West, saying “thank you” in Chinese is a common courtesy after receiving something. “Thank you” (謝謝你) is pronounced xiè xiè nǐ. It is also common for speakers to leave out the last character 你, which means “you,” without changing the meaning. Although this is a fairly formal response, especially used in business or official matters, it is safe to use in almost any situation to express gratitude.

Learn how to write the Chinese characters for thank you by watching this video.

In Southern China, you may hear duō xiè (多謝), instead, which also has the same meaning. Others will say 萬分感謝, pronounced wàn fēn gǎn xiè, which literally translates to: “Thanks so much.”

Another form of expressing thanks is with the hands. Typically, when someone is applauded in gratitude or acknowledgment of an achievement, instead of saying thank you, it is customary for the recipient to also clap to express their thanks.

In the Buddhist tradition, saying thank you is done by pressing both hands together in front of the chest, with the forearms parallel to the floor.

How else do you say “thank you?”

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