Weight Loss, Happiness, Longevity & More Benefits of Tea Drinking


Yes, tea is good for you, but how so? These facts shared on Chinese social media show just some of the awesomeness you can receive by drinking tea.

1. Reduces Risk of Cancer

After the bombing of Hiroshima in August 1945, the Statistics Department in Japan has found that within decades since, tea farmers and tea lovers are groups with a low cancer rate.

2.  Long Life

A survey done on centenarians reports that 40% of their long-lived subjects are tea lovers while 80% have the habit of tea-drinking.  According to their findings, one tends to live longer if one drinks tea habitually. When one reaches 108 years of age, it is referred to as “tea longevity” by the longevity research institute.

3. Loads of Antioxidants

Experiments on antioxidization prove that the antioxidant properties of 300 ml. of tea is equal to those of  a bottle and a half of red wine, 12 bottles of white wine, 12 glasses of beer, 4 apples, 5 onions, or 7 glasses of orange juice.

4. Weight Loss

By merely drinking tea using 8-10 grams of tea leaves daily, one can lose about 3 kg. of fat in 12 weeks without doing anything else.  Among all weight loss products in Japan, tea products stay on top of the sales chart.

5. Happiness

Tea drinking can cheer you up.  The amino acid in tea promotes the level of dopamine (a.k.a. the happy hormone) in the brain, which is essential for releasing feelings of pleasure.

6. You Are Not Alone

There are about 3 billion people in 160 countries and regions who are habitual tea-drinkers.  The list of countries by tea consumption per capita is as follows: Turkey, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Morocco, New Zealand, Egypt, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Australia, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hong Kong, Ukraine, China….

The ranking of number of tea drinkers around the world. (Weibo)

The ranking of number of tea drinkers around the world. (Weibo)

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