What’s That UFO Over North China? No Worries, Just the Second Artillery Corps Goofing Off, Or is It?

Incoming! (chinajilin.com.cn)
Incoming! (chinajilin.com.cn)

Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, has been blowing up with images of a “huge funnel-shaped light in which a burning ball-like center was falling and shining but stopped in the middle of the sky after about ten seconds”. (Wantchinatimes.com)
On July 9, a notice was filed at 8:45pm notifying pilots of “potential hazards” in the area. That evening, residents of Hebei province and Inner-Mongolia started reporting “an unidentified flying object with a fiery tail and trailing smoke moving upward in a vertical trajectory.”

The UFO, therefore, was likely a ballistic missile launched by China’s Second Artillery Corps, the country’s strategic missile force, based in Qinghe, Beijing (Northeast China).

But, then again, UFO sightings are common all over China. What says you? E.T.? Or just death-from-above?

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