Chinese Man Risks His Life to Rescue Grandmother From Burning Building

Li and his grandmother in hospital. (Screenshot/Chongqing Business Daily)
Li and his grandmother in hospital. (Screenshot/Chongqing Business Daily)

A young Chinese man saved his grandmother from a huge fire at her home, and both ended up in hospital in a serious condition.

Li Anyun rescued his 89-year-old grandmother from the burning building, which was later razed to the ground. She was on fire when he brought her out, and she received 40 percent burns to her body, as well as smoke inhalation injuries.

Currently, she still has not regained consciousness, but has been repeatedly murmuring: “May the gods protect Anyun,” according to the Chonqing Business Daily.

Li’s parents got divorced when he was three, and he was raised by his grandmother. They were poor, and she would let him eat the best parts of their meals.

Over 7,000 netizens on Weibo liked the story, and nearly 2,000 shared it. Many sent their best wishes to Li and his grandmother, wishing them a speedy recovery.

Some said the story reminded them of their own childhood, while others said the government should provide good medical treatment, and asked the media to publicize this touching story.

Translated research by Lulu.

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