Do You Need to Speak Chinese to Do Business in China?

Can money be a universal language? (Graphicstock)
Can money be a universal language? (Graphicstock)

Lots of us would like to learn Chinese, and by that I mean Mandarin Chinese. Will I get to it one day, or do I need to get to it ASAP if I want to do business in Mainland China?

The CEO of on-line retailer Kogan says: “I do business in USD—everyone speaks that language.” He believes the person paying the bills will have his needs met by the seller, and has never once had to speak anything other than English to do multi-million dollar deals in China.

But founder of Lovesac (It’s Not A Damn Beanbag!) Shawn Nelson found that at least understanding the language was important during the critical early stage of his company’s development.

I think it means that I want it, but I don’t really need it. It’s staying at about number 17 on my “must-do” list for now.

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