The City of Guangzhou in China is Looking Good, the Thick Smog Makes a Perfect Screen for Colored Lights Too

Check out Guangzhou, China, through the eyes of Royalink Investment Co. Advertising. It scrubs up quite nicely at the hands of advertising pros.

We’re loving the old-world, arty side of the city. Not so sure about the colorful night sky. The air pollution is like a screen to project colorful lights onto, creating a sort of colored dome effect.

In all seriousness, travelers are advised to only spend short periods of time in the big Chinese cities due to choking air pollution. Check the levels before heading out each day, and keep a mask in your bag.


  • Guangzhou City is the capital of Guangdong Province
  • It is a skip and a hop from Hong Kong and Macau
  • It’s on the south-west coast of China
  • For travel info, check out China Travel Guide to get you started
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