Upfront With the Umbrella Movement (Video)

Vice News’ reporter Isobel Yeung embeds with the student led democracy movement in Hong Kong and succeeds in bringing a very real face to the Umbrella Movement.

Aged in her 20s, Isobel is attractive, smart, sure-footed and connects easily with the people whose protest she is chronicling in her documentary above.

Through her time with the protesters, we get a great sense of what it feels like to be a part of a movement that is peacefully fighting for Hong Kong’s future.

Not only does Isobel spend time with the students but she also goes to an opposing rally supporting Beijing’s rule of Hong Kong. We only get a few minutes of that, which is enough for us to get a feel what the pro-Beijing mob is all about, as for Isobel it seems like she can’t get out of there quick enough.

Vice News is a relatively new player on the media block but they’re having their presence well and truly felt by making outstanding gritty pieces like the one above along with its written reports.


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