How to Style Knits

Fall is knit season, but knits aren’t easy to incorporate into outfits. If it’s not done property, you may end up with a nightmare of an outfit. You can find knit-based clothing in many textures, colors, and shapes. The options can be endless, so balancing the textures, colors, and shapes of knits well requires patience and wisdom.

If you stylize knits property, they can make great outfits for all occasions.

This video from clothesencounters will show you 5 different outfits based on knits, and if you really fall for some of these, here they are:

→ Yellow cropped sweater: H&M
→ Necklace 
→ Black denim: Topshop
→ Brown ankle boots

→ Beige cardigan
→ Black top
→ Vinyl skirt
→ Beanie: Steph’s
→ Necklace

→ Teal knit: Urban Outfitters
→ White button down: Urban Outfitters
→ Lace shorts
→ Pointy boots: Macy’s
→ Silver necklace: H&M

→ Dark Days” knit
→ Sequin skirt
→ Black purse
→ Thigh high boots: Jeffrey Campbell

→ Knit dress
→ Moto jacket
→ Silver necklace
→ Beret: Aardvarks
→ Heels

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