Does Chris Rock Go Too Far in Risqué Terrorism Jokes?

Chris Rock’s recent hosting of Saturday Night Live brought the comedian back to the show as host after 18 years, and back after being a regular cast member after 21 years.

In his recent hosting appearance, he managed to make jokes about terrorism actually sound funny. These jokes are sure to incite a few people to outrage. Perhaps we aren’t removed enough from these events, with ISIS still recruiting, and the Boston Marathon bombing still quite recent.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock in his younger years. (reelblack/YouTube)

In another skit, he directly dons ISIS gear with other cast members. The skit has them seeking funding in a parody of Shark Tank. This particular dance around the terrorist theme lacks the comedy of the opening monologue. It’s is a bit hard to watch, and has me questioning the show writers. The whole thing seems to lack comedic timing in more than one sense.

Rock takes a big chance here. It’s sure to get him publicity, but will it be the right type of publicity?


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