10 Surprising Facts About Hong Kong You May Not Know (Video)

This fun animation might give you some insights into what makes Asia’s financial capital so special.

Here are unique 10 things about Hong Kong:

  1. 2 official languages – Cantonese and English
  2. Economy – free-trade, and low taxes
  3. Cash-free system using the Octopus card
  4. Landscape – 70% of Hong Kong is countryside but it has the most skyscrapers in the world
  5. Transport – 90% of daily trips are on public transport
  6. Safety – average police response time is 5 minutes
  7. Food – Dim Sum is a world-recognized specialty
  8. Tourism – one of the top 10 Asian destinations
  9. People – highest IQ average is 107
  10. Feng Shui
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