How 35 Years of the 3-Pointer Changed the NBA

Basketball Hoop
Why have 3-pointers grown in popularity? (Image: href="[email protected]/384418110/">*sean via Compfight)

When the 3-pointer was first implemented in the 1979-1980 season, 5,000 were attempted. Just last season, 34 years later, we saw 53,000 attempts.

It’s safe to say that long shot with the extra point has only grown in popularity. Some players made their career behind the 3-point arc. Teams have realized that 3 is better than 2.

3-point shot history stats

See how the popularity of the 3-pointer has grown over the years. (Screenshot:

But as the popularity of 3-pointers increases, what suffers? Do we see less 2-point attempts? No. More players use a pragmatic approach of take it all the way to the basket, or throw it up from outside. Middle ground is lost.

There has been less of those lovable mid range shots. That is, until they make a mid range shot arc worth 2.5 points. Those centers and power forwards that like to sit a little outside the paint, here is your time to shine. Can you guys propose my idea to the NBA?

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