Maui Fights Monsanto, Wins, Bans GMOs

(Image: sumitrarose via Compfight cc)
(Image: sumitrarose via Compfight cc)

The people have spoken. For the second time in a year, the people of a Hawaiian island have told Monsanto, and all other chemical companies, that they do not want GMO testing on their islands.

On election day yesterday, the people of Maui voted very closely (50.2% voting yes) to ban GMOs on Maui. The ballot measure passed despite over an 8 million dollar ad campaign from the chemical company opposition. Earlier last year, the Hawaiian island of Kauai passed a similar measure only to have it overruled on a federal level.

More and more residents are waking up not only to the possible dangers of consuming GMO products, but also to the equally as bad use of undisclosed poisons and pesticides these companies use in testing GMO crops and seeds. Reports of children and residents being sick as a result of Monsanto’s use of chemicals near schools and homes have caused residents to want further transparency before they allow these chemical giants to use Hawaiian lands for testing purposes.

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