‘Beyond the Lights’ Gives Pop Diva Stardom an Honest Confrontation

Beyond the Lights is set for release later this week. It was directed and written by the same woman who did Love & Basketball in 2000. This time she takes a compassionate look at a woman wrapped up in the fame and falseness of the pop diva lifestyle.

When we look at all the sexuality on display of women in pop music, it’s hard not to wonder if things have reached a tipping point. When will talent alone be enough for a career? Why does it always have to be coupled with scandal, sex, or sensational imagery?

At the root of it, pop stars are regular people, wanting the same things all of us do, having the same insecurities all of us are likely to have.

This film looks to strip the pop lifestyle of its remaining clothes. We can ask ourselves a question:

Do we see the small, vulnerable person behind the sparkles and sheen?

If anything, maybe this movie will force all those pop hotties to question whether they really need to go about things in the same way. Once people can empathize with these women as ordinary people, can the same situation continue to exist?

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