Why the Chinese Communist Party Hates the U.S.

(Image: U.S. Embassy The Hague via Compfight cc )

Despite the visa and environmental agreements that were reached between the U.S. and China in Beijing this week, anti-American sentiment is still strongly supported by the Chinese communist government.

In fact it’s supported by the Communist Party’s head honcho, Xi Jinping, who met with President Obama to superficially improve Chinese and U.S. relations. Oh the irony.

While Xi talks with Obama about western relations out of one side of his mouth, out of the other side he openly praises a Chinese anti-American blogger.

This blogger wrote a hateful essay published by China’s state media which claimed that America has used the internet to ‘pollute the Chinese people’. The blogger goes on in other writings to accuse the United States of eroding the ‘moral foundation and self-confidence of the Chinese people’.

He also claimed the United States was brainwashing Chinese people.

Bizarrely he likened our media coverage on China to that of the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews.

Again, the blogger himself has been openly praised by Xi Jinping for these types of writings.

Lets make sense of this for a moment and debunk everything this guy has written about.

The United States has the freest internet in the world, China has a heavily censored internet where they only allow their citizens information the government provides (so who brainwashes who?).

China doesn’t even have a free press, they only have government mouth piece media. Not to mention the entire culture of the Chinese Communist Party has heavily polluted the basic moral tenets of traditional Chinese culture.

Also, let’s talk Adolph Hitler and the crazy Nazis for a moment because currently there is only one place on Earth that currently engages in state sponsored organ harvesting of live people. Sounds pretty Holocaust to me.

The point isn’t really that this blogger doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I honestly feel bad for him. The point is his vitriol is being supported at the highest levels of the Communist Party.

How we can move forward as nations and cooperate if hate is still present behind fake smiles and handshakes?


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