57 Skydivers Complete World Record Jump, Amazing! (Video)

Watch as 57 skydivers come together in two formations as they fall through the air at 180 mph.

These world-class athletes leapt from three planes at 16,000 feet to complete the first ever 2-point, 57-person vertical formation skydive of its kind in a 45-second free-fall.

First, the group came together in a pre-determined formation—linking arms to create a specific pattern in the sky. The skydivers then separated and created a second formation—in a remarkable stunt that has never been achieved before.

Fortunately, everything went to plan without a hitch, and the group celebrated its world record after successfully landing.

The jump took place on Oct. 25 at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas.

The skydivers’ videographer, Norman Kent, said it was a ‘party flying through the sky.’


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