Maserati Crashes Into Land Rover: Husband And Wife Fight on the Road

    A Land Rover was rear-ended by a Maserati. (Image: serious accident was caused by a couple. (Image: windscreen of the car was almost broken. (Image:

    A strange accident happened in Chongqing on the night of Nov. 15 when a Land Rover was rear-ended by a Maserati.

    These photos were posted on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. It turned out that the car owners were a married couple.

    The wife drove off after a quarrel, and her husband chased after her because he was worried she might get into trouble. He honked the horn repeatedly to get her to stop and talk, but she just kept driving faster and faster in her white Maserati.

    Eventually he overtook her by crossing the double yellow lines, and forced her to stop by smashing into her. The Maserati was seriously damaged.

    According to police, the chase lasted over 3 miles, and both cars were driving over 60 miles per hour which was almost three times the speed limit in that area.

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