These Boys Were Told to Hit a Girl, so How Did They React?

Italian video journalist Luca Lavarone carried out a social experiment with children on a city street to see how they would respond to the directives of an adult.

Several boys were asked their names and ages—they ranged between 7 and 11 years old—and what they’d like to be when they grew up.

Next, they were introduced to a girl. The interviewer, who was off camera, then directed the boys to do a number of things, such as to pay the girl a compliment, to put on a funny face to make her laugh, and to caress her.

But what these boys were ordered to do next was something very unexpected—the interviewer told them to slap the girl, and to slap her hard. You can see that the boys were disturbed and perplexed by this.

Watch the video to see how each of the boys handled this very confronting situation.

The true purpose of the experiment was to highlight the issue of violence by men against women. Domestic violence has become a huge social issue globally, and seems to be getting worse by the day.

Although domestic violence is also perpetrated against men, women between the ages of 20 and 24 are at greatest risk. It seems men could learn something from these young boys.

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