Wait, What? There Was a Time When There Was No Toilet Paper? (Video)

How many things do we take for granted? Ever wondered what life was like before certain inventions?

Well, did you know that toilet paper was invented in China?

This funny video has some answers for you, and also covers other interesting questions like how often the Chinese bathed, whether students took vacations, and how people predicted the weather.

There is an expression:

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.

Even though the Chinese invented toilet paper, if you go to China now, you have to bring your own!

It’s interesting how we can start value the most mundane things. Allow me to provide a community service if you are thinking of traveling to China… Please consider this phrase: 卫生纸在哪里 “Wei sheng zhi zai na li which means “Where’s the toilet paper?”

Maybe it wasn’t like that in the olden days, but these days you definitely need it!

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