Shovels & Rope Find a Beautiful Musical ‘Coping Mechanism’

I really don’t know why I like the husband and wife duo of Shovels & Rope so much. They give me hope for the future of music. Maybe I’m just glad there is still somebody doing this type of music.

Take a look at the drummer-keyboardist. He’s got that tiny keyboard that he plays as he drums. I think I’ve seen him do something similar with guitar and drums, too.

This is the 3rd album as a duo for husband Michael Trent and wife Cary Ann Hearst. They each had solo careers and weren’t looking to form a group. But after getting married, why not? They were better together musically after coming together matrimonially.

But now they’re hanging with David Letterman and performing a song off their last album, Swimmin’ Time. I wouldn’t say that this song, Coping Mechanism, is the best or only Shovels & Rope song you should hear, by far. And I’d definitely suggest looking into more of their work. Get a sense of why I like them so much:

I’m not sure how much a band like this could get mainstream acceptance, let’s see. But as they gain popularity, I certainly hope they don’t change.

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