How Would You Like to Own a Car That Runs on Air and Water?

There are cars that run on gasoline, diesel, ethanol, LNG, hydrogen, compressed air, and electricity. The problem with electric cars in particular is the limited range they can travel on a charge, along with the weight and expense of the batteries.

An Israeli-based technology company called Phinergy, whose CEO is Aviv Tzidon, has developed a new type of aluminum battery that uses air and water to recharge normal lithium ion batteries, which extends the range of an electric car up to 1,000 miles, well ahead of any other electric cars on the road. These batteries are also very light weight compared with conventional batteries.

Bloomberg’s Middle East Business Editor Elliott Gotkine talks with Tzidon and goes for a ride in a car running on these batteries. In truth, many of these technologies have been around for quite a number of years.

What’s incredible is that when the aluminum batteries start running low, you simply fill the tank with water.

It’s hoped to have a car with these batteries in production by 2017. By then, the technology will probably be far beyond what it is today.


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