Some Valentine’s Day Stories From Around Hong Kong

Some of the colorful flowers on sale in Hong Kong before Valentine's Day. (Image: Mona Song)
Some of the colorful flowers on sale in Hong Kong before Valentine's Day. (Image: Mona Song)

Valentine’s Day really brings people and families together.

In Hong Kong, pink and red roses are popular in flower shops at the moment, even though the price is about 10% higher than normal.

Here are some street interviews that were gathered there just before the special day:

My wife is the love of my life

Office manager Mr. Wong spent HK$700 ($95) on beautiful flowers for his wife. He’s been sending flowers to her for over 20 years, and doesn’t mind about the cost.

They have two daughters, and the older one is 15. He said flowers are his way of showing love and appreciation to the most important person in his life.

Even though inflation and costs keep going up, he said Valentine’s Day is only one day a year and he can show his love for his better half.

To my hardworking wife

Mr. Shao came to Hong Kong with his wife eight years ago, and they got married five years ago. He bought her the largest bunch of roses he could find for about HK$2,000 ($280).

His wife works for a Chinese state-owned company, and recently complained she is very tired from the work load and complicated relations. So for this Valentine’s, he bought her special flowers to show his support and care, and make her happy.

Special love for a special person

Mr. Chan works as an engineer. He spent $1,400 on a big bunch of pink lilies for his girlfriend which is her favorite color.

They have been together for two years, and he plans to propose to her soon, but is concerned because he can’t afford to buy an apartment at the moment.

On Valentine’s Day, flowers are the best way to make her happy, and he wrote her a note saying: “To the special one in my heart.”

Written by Wang Ming Jun. Translated by Monica Song

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