Oldest Couple in the World Has a Combined Age of 217

    A rise in the number of old people and the declining number of young people is creating a demographic problem for China. (Image: Secret China)The whole family, five generations together. (Image: www.on.cc)A certificate recognizing them as China's oldest couple. (Image: www.on.cc)Making paper cuttings for Chinese New Year. (Image: www.on.cc)

    109-year-old Ping and his wife, 108-year-old Zhang, have been married for 90 years. The longest marriage on the planet! They’ve lived 217 years between them so far.

    After living five generations together, they have more than 70 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. They live in Yuzhou City, Henan Province, China.

    Being famous in their town, they got special Chinese New Year greetings from local businesses and were sent a complementary doctors visit. During the checkup, when the doctor examined one, the other would stare at the doctor eagerly awaiting the result.

    At the end, the doctor said: “You two are in good health, and I hope you will continue to stay healthy and live a long life!”

    The old couple responded with childlike, innocent smiles. Ping said: “We are healthy! Happy New Year to everyone!”

    To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the pair put on new clothes and hats, and basked under the warm sun in their small courtyard.

    Looking at Zhang Xinniu’s face, you can see a whole century of vicissitudes, but she is healthy, energetic, and loves to chat and share with others.

    In 2014, they took the first place for the third consecutive year on the Longest Marriage List. The couple has been recognized as the oldest living couple in the country by the Gerontological Society of China.

    109-year-old Ping and his wife, 108-year-old Zhang, have been married for 90 years. Longest marriage on the planet!

    Translated by Yi Ming

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