‘Short Movie’ by Laura Marling Is a Pleasant, Youthful Folk Journey

There’s something nice, relaxing, about listening to Laura Marling. She’s sweet, kind, self-effacing, and projects this genuine innocence which comes through in her music.

Good musical taste comes from listening to people who genuinely love music, and hearing them sing.

She’s been recording music since her teens. She’s released five albums in seven years. Now at 25, she just released Short Movie last month.

The album was inspired by her voyage from her wealthy English village, to her settling in Los Angeles for 8 months to ponder empathy and loneliness.

8 months is the longest she had stayed in a place in 8 years. Once her music career began at 16, and all the touring it involved, she hadn’t stayed anywhere longer than 6 weeks. She calls it Short Movie from her experience meeting and talking with an older hippie in a bar on the west coast. He repeated the term as they shared about life.

She learned folk music from her father, who owns a recording studio and is a low-ranking member of the aristocracy of the United Kingdom. But being a teen folk singer meant Marling had to carve her own path in the music industry. There’s not much of a market for teen folk music.

Music like this helps you enjoy those sunny days and keeps you calm. I just want to party with the gang and turn on the radio. I just want to get extra-extra large sodas from the gas station and drink them on the porch. It’s just that type of feeling.

Besides music, Marling is an award winning actress. She won Best Actress for Woman Driver at the 72-Hour National Film Challenge.

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