Stan Lee Can Teach You the Art of Cameo Acting

Stan Lee is the creator of Marvel Comics’ finest superheroes. Now that the company he created is skyrocketing movie ticket sales, what’s left for Stan Lee to do?

Stan Lee isn’t a cameo actor in this video, but you can be one.

Lee has had to watch other famous actors take on the roles of the heroes of his invention. And at a youthful 92 years of age, he’s been relegated to numerous humorous cameo appearances.


Stan Lee stylin’ in his Thor helmet. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Only a person of Stan Lee’s stature is worthy of making cameo appearances in movies for characters he created. His face is a lot more public than the other guys whose art and writing helped define the comic company, people like Jack Kirby (if he were alive) and Steve Ditko. If they made cameo appearances it’s likely no one would notice. Comic fans would of course recognize the names, though.


Kevin Smith directs this commercial, also makes a cameo appearance. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Kevin Smith makes his own cameo appearance in this commercial. Kevin Smith is directing Mallrats 2 right now. Wouldn’t it be cool if he could direct a Marvel movie? Given his unique tastes, I couldn’t see him on Avengers, but maybe he could direct a future Howard the Duck film.

Or in the unlikely event that they decide to make a Peter Porker/Spider-Ham movie, he could do that, too.

But for Stan Lee, all those countless hours spent creating comic book characters has attributed greatly to all the cameo roles it now affords him. It would even better to see him actually put on a superhero costume, or actually play a more critical acting role.

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