These Adorable Baby Elephants Can’t Figure Out How to Work Their Trunks

In-between trying to use its trunk, the baby checks out the camera. (Screenshot/YouTube)
In-between trying to use its trunk, the baby checks out the camera. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Finding these absolutely precious little elephants trying to use their trunks for drinking, eating, and most enthusiastically for flailing and splashing is why I love my job. May they bring a little sunshine to your day.

Just as they need to learn how to walk, baby elephant calves haven’t got the muscles in their trunks developed enough at first to control them.

They eventually need to suck up water and squirt it into their mouths. They’ll also have to get fine motor grip going to pick grass and foliage, and feed themselves too.

But at first, most baby elephants seem to think their trunks are just a fabulous water toy.

This little cutie at the Elephant Nature Park for rescue elephants in Thailand is super excited about visiting the mud pool. Skip to 1:45 to see him starting to get real silly with his trunk. Then they head to the river, where there is more wild trunk swinging and splashing.

This baby is trying to pick grass like mama, but it’s sooo hard.

Then there is this little Asian elephant who does know how to use it…to explore a girl’s nose! I wonder what it’s thinking?

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