Abdominal Plank Record Now Stands at 5 Hours, 15 mins

At 57, George Hood, an ex-Marine, has smashed the world record for holding an abdominal plank, to raise awareness of injured U.S. Marines on the font lines.

Hood is super fit, despite his age. He was a personal fitness trainer and instructor for the U.S. Marines, and followed his own strength and fitness regime in order to complete this grueling challenge.

In order to prepare for this task, Hood said he practiced planking with 40-pound weights on his back.

Planking for ultimate core strength

Planking doesn’t require any equipment and it’s form is easy—however, holding it is not.

This static exercise is great for core strength, which safeguards your spine, as well stabilize your shoulders, back, and neck.

The other muscles it builds and strengthens are the biceps, buttocks, chest, calf, and thigh. It really is a one exercise that gives all-body toning—no wonder it feels so hard!


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