CCP Spruiks Dictator as ‘Perfect Husband’ With Horrible Consequences

Xi Dada is probably one of the most talked about CCP propaganda campaigns but for all the wrong reasons. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Xi Dada is probably one of the most talked about CCP propaganda campaigns but for all the wrong reasons. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Are you in the dating game and looking for that someone special who would make a good companion? Then Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has found the perfect match for you!

The party recently launched a video campaign that embellishes CCP leader Xi Jinping as the cutest, handsomest and most perfect husband a woman could ever want, The Huffington Post reports.

Party mouthpiece The People’s Daily newspaper, promoted the propaganda-style video of foreigners singing praises for Daddy Xi or “Xi Dada.” These include students from across the world, including Germany, Austria, France, Japan, Vanuatu, Cameroon, Australia and the United States, among others.

The video (far below) is obviously trying to suggest foreigners in the West have truly, madly and deeply fallen in love with Xi.

Oddly enough, the video also includes flattery from men (does Xi bat for both sides now?).

Although some of the flattery sits within societal norms, other praise starts to get weird with students describing him as an uncle, brother or even a fatherly figure.

One Chicago student even nicknames Xi “Winnie the Pooh.” Can you imagine this CCP leader desperately trying to remove a honeypot stuck on his head?

Then when it seemed this couldn’t get any creepier, a scantily clad Korean student indirectly proposes marriage to Xi by saying: “If my future husband is like him, I will be very fortunate.”

Online viewers had a field day, criticizing the video and questioning how much the students were paid to appear on the video. On The People’s Daily YouTube viewer ratings for the video there were more than 1260 dislikes and only 196 likes.

Human Rights Watch Asia Division Deputy Director Phelim Kine blasted the video as “slick propaganda,” and the interviewees as “useful idiots.”

Hong Kong Free Press Editor-in-Chief Tom Grundy was so surprised after watching the video, he almost literally spat-out his breakfast.

“This is the most retarded video I have ever seen,” Matches Malone told YouTube.

It is probably best to try to digest this information with a grain of salt.

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