Look at These Fabulous Christmas Lights on the Buildings in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong knows how to celebrate the festive season. (Image: Jenny Wu)
The city of Hong Kong knows how to celebrate the festive season. (Image: Jenny Wu)

Christmas is not a usual Chinese holiday; however, Hong Kong is a city that embraces any chance to celebrate, shop, and enjoy delicious food. The vivacious Victoria Harbor is Hong Kong’s lifeline with a constant stream of vessels, but during Christmas, it sparkles even more with glistening lights covering the buildings.

This year, the Tsim Sha Tsui Center and Empire Center commissioned award-winning illustrator Hannah Davies. She wanted to spread her creative beauty on these buildings by looking back into her childhood.

Christmas, Hong Kong

Hannah Davies illustrations dazzle on the buildings. (Image: Jenny Wu)

Hannah says: “The inspiration for the lighting installation was the imaginative stories told to me as a child. I delved into my childhood memories of Christmas tales, and discovered many magical adventures with reindeers. My grandmother used to tell me stories about reindeers flying though the sky spreading love, peace, and hope at Christmas.

I was also inspired greatly by detailed Christmas patterns. Decorative, dreamy fine lines. I looked into microscopic patterns of snowflakes and used this in my mural to create a beautiful scene.”

Christmas, Hong Kong

Cute Christmas cartoons on the buildings. (Image: Jenny Wu)

Hong Kong has left a deep impression on Hannah, and she was thrilled by the experience of working here. She continues: “I really hope to inspire everyone at Christmas to spread love and peace all over the world. It’s been a pleasure visiting Hong Kong; the hospitality has been outstanding, and everybody is so friendly. The experience has helped me develop as an artist.”

‘Hong Kong has given me so much inspiration for future design projects.’

“Thank you Hong Kong!”

Christmas, Hong Kong

Hannah’s illustrations have make Christmas very beautiful in Hong Kong (Image: Jenny Wu)

The display is showing until January 3.

Researched by Monica Song

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