Palestinian Girl’s Impromptu, Captivating Ballet Performance

With a lot of things feeling uncertain in the world, it’s nice to be reminded there are still some moments where our world contains tiny bursts of beauty.

Rima Baransi, a Palestinian Ballet Dancer, is wandering the streets on a holiday in Trieste, Italy with her family. She stops to listen to a street violinist who is playing Yann Tiersen’s Comptine d’un autre été: L’aprés-midi.

Rimi Birsani Ballet Dancer and Chereographer based in Berlin. (Image via Live More TV Screenshot/YouTube)

Ballet Dancer and Choreographer Rimi Birsani, based in Berlin. (Image: via Screenshot/YouTube)

As the dance ended the crowd cheers and Rima thanks the violinist. (Image via Live More TV Screenshot/YouTube)

As the dance ends, the crowd cheers, and Rima thanks the violinist. (Image: via Screenshot/YouTube)

Her dad pulls out his phone and encourages Rimi to dance. She is a bit hesitant at first, but there is nothing like a little encouragement from your father to help you get over your fears. We hear her him shout out: “Yallah Rima, do it!” And with that, she kicks off her shoes and begins to dance.

This video has been surfacing a lot online lately, and it’s all kinds of lovely.

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