Chinese Netizens Comment on Whether to Wage War with Vietnam

Chinese netizens living near Vietnam have been uploading photos of People’s Liberation Army troops, vehicles, and artillery gathering along the border, following protests outside Chinese-owned factories in Vietnam last weekend, when over 20 people were killed.

The anti-Chinese riots started after state-run energy firm China National Offshore Oil Corporation began installing an oil rig 120 nautical miles east of Vietnam, close to the disputed Paracel Islands.

Many Internet users believe a conflict is imminent. Here are a few comments from readers of a KZG article, including some of the military photos, showing an interesting range of opinions on the matter.

“China should not invade Vietnam. The Vietnamese nation loves peace, and its people don’t hate the Chinese.”

“Start war now, so Chinese people have a chance for a new life.”

“If war breaks out, the Chinese Communist Party will collapse.”

“The Vietnamese government wants to shift its domestic crisis. So does the Chinese regime. They want to fight each over their own interests. The Chinese will not fight, since most second- and third-generation officials live overseas now—they will be held hostage if war starts, so they dare not.”

“Why can a big country like China bully a small country? The Chinese regime has a lot of territory, but it also has political corruption, a backward economy, domestic oppression, and foreign appeasement. Such a government is weak, so Vietnam can do something. Waging war has nothing to do with the Chinese people; it just serves the interests of the rich and powerful. They can make money out of it. The war can only add a burden to the rank and file. Do you believe those officials will waste their bribe money on fighting a war?”

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