Book-Trashing Students Mob Teacher in Northwest China

High school students tear up their text books on the last day of school before their college entrance exam. (Screenshot/
High school students tear up their text books on the last day of school before their college entrance exam. (Screenshot/

Six high school students beat up their teacher last Friday, after he told them off for ripping up their textbooks before their college entrance exam or gaokao.

The practice of tearing up school books on the last day of school before the gaokao has become an informal tradition among students as a way of relieving stress and celebrating confidence in exam success. Sometimes this so-called carnival can get out of hand, with students throwing bottles from top-floor windows for example.

The incident took place at Changwu Middle School in Shaanxi Province, as teachers were doing inspections to prevent any dangerous behavior during school-leaving day. A 48-year-old teacher called Mr. Cao caught a student tearing up his books and throwing them out the window, so he slapped the boy on the back of the neck, reported.

The boy and five classmates attacked Mr. Cao, hitting him with mop sticks, and he ended up with blood all over his head and clothes.

Any consequences for the bad behavior will be delayed til after the students’ gaokao. A police spokesman told Chinese Business View: “Considering they’re going to take their college entrance exams, following our investigation then maybe punishment will be implemented after the exams.”

Many bloggers were upset by the news, with most saying that preparing for this stressful exam doesn’t give students the right to be unruly.

One netizen wrote: “The law cannot give way to the college entrance exam.”

Another said: “Exam grades can’t be the only criteria to judge students. Nowadays, students only focus on studying, but they ignore many traditional things, like respecting teachers.”

A third commented: “If even these six students manage to enter college, what will they bring to our society in the future?”

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