Sweet & Spicy Chinese Crispy Beef with Ketchup

Here’s an easy crispy beef recipe you can make with simple ingredients at home. The sauce is red, sticky, sweet, and tasty, and contains a secret non-Chinese ingredient that the HowToCookGreat Chef swears by… Yessup, it’s ketchup!

How to do it? Marinade the meat. Then, dip the thin strips of beef in corn flour before frying them in hot oil in a wok. Cook the rest of marinade without the meat until it caramelises. The ketchup and beef are then added to finish.

The chef doesn’t give exact measurements for the ingredients, but as you watch him in action you’ll get a good sense of the portions. Enjoy!

Crispy Chinese beef. Spicy, sweet, and delicious. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Crispy Chinese beef. Spicy, sweet, and delicious. (Screenshot/YouTube)


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