Obese Chinese Boy Demands Food From Classmates, Gets Scraps From Dumpsters

Xuzhou weighs nearly 300 pounds. (Screenshot/peacehall.com)
Xuzhou weighs nearly 300 pounds. (Screenshot/peacehall.com)

A 14-year-old boy from Jiangxi Province is so fat that he’s beginning to show signs of organ failure, and may have to quit school.

Xuzhou Lei weighs nearly 300 pounds with a leg circumference of nearly three feet, according to Chinese media.

His mother was over 40 when he was born, and he was big compared with other Chinese babies. He has loved food ever since he was a baby, and always been overweight.

He even asks for scraps at the local fried duck restaurant, pesters classmates for their food, and also gets it out of dumpsters.

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