LOOK: Rolls-Royce Rolls Into Rice Paddy in China, Check Out the Chassis!

    Good view of the chassis! (Weibo.com)The upside-down car. (Weibo.com)The car was retrieved from the field. (Weibo.com)The poor Rolls-Royce covered in mud and plants. (Weibo.com)

    This story of a Rolls-Royce crashing into a rice paddy was widely shared on Weibo on August 16.

    The driver was going too fast, and missed his turn, rolling into the field, and setting off the airbags.

    It was the one of over 10 luxury cars owned by the boss of the biggest sewing machine parts factory in Dongyang. The car only had a temporary license plate, and wasn’t officially registered.

    A Weibo blogger commented: “Wow, now I know what a real Rolls-Royce looks like underneath!”

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