Billionaire’s Secret: the Biggest Difference Between Winners & Losers

What do you think makes one person richer than another? (Image: Graphicstock)
What do you think makes one person richer than another? (Image: Graphicstock)

American billionaire and entrepreneur, John Paul Dejoria, is the co-founder of several large companies, including beauty salon products company Paul Mitchell, wine group Patron Tequila, and is now entering the digital music market with his latest company, Locke Mobile.

In a recent Business Insider interview, he shared his meaning of success:

“The biggest difference between winners and losers is that winners are willing to do what the losers are not.”

He told a story being 16 years old and happy making $1.25 an hour at a dry cleaner in a small village near Los Angeles, labeling clothes and cleaning the shop.

One day his boss wanted to talk to him. John was worried that he might get fired. To his surprise, his boss gave him a raise and said that he noticed there was no dust under the bed and behind the cabinet and never thought someone would take work so seriously under no supervision.

His take home message was:

“Success is not how much money you have or what position you are in, but doing an excellent job with your current work, especially when no is watching you.”

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