Crazy Chinese Buyers Cause Chaos in Japanese Apple Store

    Chinese peole caused turbulence when Iphone 6 went on sale. ( police keeping order outside the Apple store in Osaka. ( nearby street was littered with trash. (

    An Apple retail store in Osaka called for police assistance on Sept. 19 after dozens of Chinese customers got angry when stocks of the new iPhone 6 sold out.

    Some Chinese buyers had been in line for up to two days ago to buy the new smartphone, according to Chinese media. After hearing that there were no phones left, about 100 Chinese started harassing the sales staff. Around 50 policeman and nine patrol cars were dispatched to the scene.

    After the news hit Japanese headlines, buyers there complained that Chinese consumers had left the street full of garbage, and that one person kept a place in the queue for 30 others. Chinese netizens responded that this behavior had brought “shame on all of us!”

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