Alicia Keys Talks About the Incredible Inspiration Behind ‘We Are Here’

What a gifted piano player and songwriter, and what an uplifting song.

In We Are Here Alicia Keys sings about contemporary tragedies going on around the world, and explores the question of why we all are here.

She sings about how we should be there for each other, and for those all across the world. At least, that is my interpretation of the song.

The inspiration behind the song started with a question she was asked. The question was: “Why are you here?” That and the discussion that followed led to the song. See her talk about it in the video above.

I guess anything might be the inspiration behind a song. Something you overhear people saying. Something you are asked. Something you see… As long as you can stretch it over a harmony and fit it into a chorus and verse, you’ve got a song.

In case you missed it, here’s the song.

Great work Ms. Keys

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