How Good Is Your Attention Span? (Infographic)

how good is your attention span
Are you paying attention on what you are doing? How attentive are you? (Image: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc)

We all aimlessly thumb through news feeds on Facebook, sports blog threads, or photo captions on our smartphones and tablets. Some of us even do these things all together at the same time. To be honest, are you really paying attention to what you are doing?

Mr. Pizza-Eating Penguin, Steve, created by College Humor, is now going to test your attention span when visiting a webpage!

Before you start, here is a hint: If you are now actually reading the text of what the article relates to, you will (hopefully) get a satisfying result of not being a “complete idiot”, otherwise, you might get lost and wonder: “What on earth am I doing now?”

Really, this is just a test to see how good you are at flowcharts. How do you size up?


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