Are You Drinking Water Properly? Follow These 10 Hints

It's important to drink plenty of water. (Image: theowl84 via Compfight cc)
It's important to drink plenty of water. (Image: theowl84 via Compfight cc)

Water is the source of life. Clean water helps prevent and resist diseases.

Although you may be drinking water, are you doing so correctly?

  1. Drink water before bedtime. Without adequate water, you may be prone to clots, vascular blockages, and thickening of the blood, which can lead to heart disease and strokes.
  2. Drink water immediately after taking a bath to rehydrate the body.
  3. Drink water with pure lemon juice after you get up in the morning to help your body to adjust it’s neutral pH level.
  4. Drink water before you exercise. This helps your blood flow smoothly, which results in better performance, and helps you avoid fatigue and heat stroke.
  5. Drink plenty of water if you drink alcoholic beverages. The water balance inside and outside your cells changes when you have alcohol.
  6. When you feel anxious or irritable, or are unable to concentrate, drink water to increase your metabolism, restore and improve your vitality.
  7. Boil water at night to have in the morning. Water that sits in pipes all night has more impurities.
  8. Drink water in small amounts rather than in big gulps.
  9. Keep bottled water away from sunlight. Chemicals from the plastic will contaminate the water. Glass and steel are better.
  10. Don’t drink water with medications. This dilutes and reduces their effectiveness. Wait 1/2 hour before drinking.


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