Many New ‘Star Wars’ Films on the Way to Theaters

Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt
New Star Wars films set to occupy movie screens for 2015 and beyond. (League of Super Critics/YouTube)

Now that Disney has acquired Star Wars, they won’t stop with the upcoming Episode VII. In fact, they are looking to do a film a year, including spin-off films.

Disney wants to match the success of Marvel’s film universe. Marvel is also owned by Disney. They will need to go places and meet standards that they have already set with the Marvel films, in those expansive, integrated movie universes.

Whether or not they can do this, of course, is what we are all waiting and anticipating. Episode VII is scheduled for release in December, 2015.

They hope to upset as few loyal fans as possible, while capturing new markets of younger fans, and people in other countries who don’t know the previous films too well.

The possibility for future Star Wars movies are broad, and already broader than with Marvel movies. The original Star Wars films have many places and people still up for exploration and adventure. Whether Disney will do this in a way which doesn’t copy Marvel will determine whether they can outdo what they have done with Marvel.

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