Does This Prank Bring Out People’s Racial Insecurities?

Is this just a prank video? Seems a rather biting social experiment.

You can watch tempers slowly start to flare. But I’m surprised how well people still manage to keep cool.

This must be in a relatively peaceful part of the country. I could picture things getting emotionally intense if they did this same prank in some other place. Anger would ignite at the double-crosser when people think they get tricked into doing something illegal.

But I speak too fast. Things do get heated when people think they are targeted for their race.

Though race doesn’t seem to be the goal of the prank, it goes to show you just how much people consider race the root of their misfortune.

But this is America, after all. And what’s a good injustice without the issue of race seeping in?

I don’t know what I’d do if this happened to me. Maybe I’d get racially defensive too. More likely I’d just walk away. Maybe I’d laugh at how well the other guy made a fool of me.

It’s fun until you meet someone who can’t appreciate a hidden camera.

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