Did You Know Your iPhone 6 Lets You See Your Finger’s Blood Capillaries? OMG, I Gotta Try It Now

    Turn on the flashlight of your iPhone 6 in a dark room. (Image: NTD TV)Can you see the blood capillaries? (Image: NTD TV)Enlarged photo showing the blood capillaries in this finger. (Image: NTD TV)

    After iPhone 6 was released, all sorts of “bent phone tests” went viral online, and they’re almost everywhere on social media. Let’s just take a break from those crazy videos.

    Look at this a bit nerdy but interesting trick on using your iPhone 6 flashlight to see your finger’s blood capillaries.

    Next time you want to amaze your friends with your new iPhone, try this trick first before you bend it or drop it like crazy.

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