Overshadowed by Politics, This First Lady’s Art Deserves More Attention (Photos)

    A rooster painted by Soong May-ling. (Image: Secret China)A painting by Soong May-ling. (Image: Secret China)Loquats painted by Soong May-ling. (Image: Secret China)

    Soong May-ling was well known as the First Lady of the Republic of China, and was one of the most influential women in the 20th century. Overshadowed by her politician image, Soong was also a talented painter who was taught by Chang Dai-chien, one of the most prodigious Chinese artists at the time.

    Soong liked to paint in her childhood, and gradually developed this hobby into something serious. Painting was her favorite thing to do after she went back to Taiwan with her husband Chiang Kai-shek. He thought Soong was simply painting for fun or to kill time at the beginning, but later, her painting skills went far exceeded what he expected. Chiang was very proud of her work and often showed her paintings to his friends.

    Soong became skilled very quickly with the help of two teachers in Taiwan, so much so that many artists at that time thought her work was actually painted by her teachers. Soong then painted in front of them, and finally convinced them that the stunning work was indeed hers.

    The Taiwan Post Office has printed Song’s landscape paintings on stamps many times, and among them, the stamp with her Double-Pine-Tree won the Best Stamp Award in the 1975 Stamp Design Competition.

    Chiang was watching Song painting (Image: Sina blog)

    Chiang Kai-shek watching his wife Soong paint. (Image: Sina blog)

    Song Mayling was painting. (Image: Sina blog)

    Soong May-ling painting. (Image: Sina blog)


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