Sophisticate Your Gaming Habit: Turn Your PS4 or Xbox One Into a Laptop

For all you video game addicts, who wish you had a laptop, or computer geeks who wish you had a game console, your solution has arrived.

Introducing the Playbook 4 and Xbook One, the laptop solutions to your gaming needs.

Ed Zarick creates these modifications from home. He pulls the pieces out from the console case and puts them in his custom cases with an attached 22-inch screen.

The deal killer is that there is no portable battery for these things. You’ll have to sit at home and use them.

I don’t know why anyone would want an Xbox that simply looks like a laptop, without that all-powerful portability factor. Maybe those collectors or gamers are bored with playing games, and are looking for new things to do with their consoles besides throw them against the wall. They can send them in for a cool makeover.

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