Sweden Hunts For Trespassing Submarine (Video)

It’s day four and Swedish defense forces are still hunting for a foreign submarine that it detected in its waters.

The submarine, presumed to be Russian, has been spotted above surface three times reports Forbes, with the first two sightings occurring on Friday and the third on Sunday which was photographed (but not so clearly).

“A Swedish newspaper reported that the military had detected radio signals from a Russian submarine that was perhaps stranded underwater by an emergency,” wrote Andrew E. Kramer for the New York Times.

“The development, if confirmed, would have far-reaching implications for highlighting how military tensions between Russia and the West have escalated over the crisis in Ukraine,” he wrote.

The Swedes have used both sea vessels and airpower to try and find the submarine, in an event that echoes cold war history.

During the 1980s the Swedes conducted similar operations against Soviet submarines and one even ran aground off the southern Swedish town of Karlskrona.

There have also been incursions into Swedish and Finnish airspace by Russian military aircraft. Sweden like Finland is a non-Nato country.

Russia has denied they have a submarine in the area.

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