North Korea Shuts Borders Due to Ebola Fears (Video)

Stalinist North Korea is the first country to close its boarders in fear of the Ebola virus.

Despite no reported cases of the virus in the whole of Asia, North Korea has taken measures to ensure it doesn’t get in, reports online media Vice.

While tourists are barred from entering the country, it remains unclear if the ban includes the diplomatic or business community.

Ebola is no laughing matter but there are some witty comments posted at the end of the Vice article that have a dig at the authorities in North Korea which are worth sharing:

  • Well there goes my vacation plans, and I heard the oppression was so beautiful this time of year.
  • “North Korea to shut borders” That’s funny–I never knew they were even open. 😉
  • Looks like Kim has been watching Fox news a bit too much out there – he’s actually bought into the fear of Ebola. Ha.
  • Because everyone is clamoring to vacation in beautiful North Korea. Sh*t, Ebola wouldn’t even want to go there.
  • Their tourism industry is really going to struggle now without those 20 visitors coming in each week.


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