More American Women Join ISIS Than American Men Says Former ISIS Fighter (Video)

There are twice as many American women than American men who have joined ISIS, says a former fighter of the brutal extremist Islamic group.

“American women actually outnumber the American men. There are twice as many American women as there are men,” said the former ISIS fighter, who is now a prisoner of the Free Syrian Army, during an interview with online media Vocativ which you can see above.

The interviewer asked the prisoner: “Are they white American women or are they Arab?”

The reply was: “Pure-blooded American females”.

Speaking under the alias of Abu Abdullah, the prisoner told Vocativ that he now regrets joining ISIS and felt deceived by them after being sent on a suicide mission.

“I think ISIS is dragging people, groups and fighters into a very unnecessary war. Just for the non-sensical claims of ‘land and caliphate’,” he said.

Abu joined ISIS late last year and was captured by the Free Syrian Army several months ago in a battle. His home country is Saudi Arabia.

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