I Wish This Was My Tiny House (Video)

One of the biggest things that appeals to me about tiny houses is simplistic living. I feel like I personally like the idea of having less stuff and having efficient use of space. More than that though I think being a minimalist is really attractive (I have so much stuff I own and don’t even use!).

However, if I was to ever build a tiny house there are serious considerations about how it would all work.

What about a kitchen or home office?

What if I didn’t want to have to climb a ladder to a loft every night?

Even more questions like how do you make the space feel bigger?

Luckily all these questions are answered in this lengthy video. The house that was built in this video took 4 months to construct. With all the furnishing and appliances this house ran for only $33,089.72. The dimensions of the house are 28ft by 8.5ft.

Check out my bookmark bullets if you don’t have time to watch all 30 minutes.

  • Details matter 3:14
  • Living with less 6:52
  • Full kitchen 7:56
  • Sleeping space 14:00
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