Hong Kong Martial Arts Masters Preserve Tradition With 3D Technology

What an awesome project. They look to preserve an amazing heritage of traditional martial arts styles through 3D technology.

I’m really looking forward to the success of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive. They are taking the same motion capture technology used in popular movies, and using it to capture the movements of kung fu masters performing forms.

As of this post, they have achieved 33% of their funding goal. Imagine the value of preserving these ancient styles for future generations. Let’s hope they meet their budget and get this thing off the ground.

There are no effective forms of combat like traditional martial arts. Many styles have been lost over time. Many are kept very quiet and small. This would provide a great documentation of one of Chinese civilization’s greatest legacies.

Traditional Chinese martial arts like these are about more than just fighting. They are about humility, respect, and peace. They seek to cultivate the inner virtues of the practitioner. They can also be used to maintain fitness and health.

With the prevalence of modern wushu, MMA, and combat martial arts, many people forget that the root lies in traditional martial arts. Traditional martial arts are comprehensive systems for self-development, and they maintain versatile combat effectiveness.

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