Have Airstrikes Critically Wounded ISIS Leader? (Video)

News reports have said the leadership of the murderous jihadist group ISIS has been heavy hit by a U.S.-led airstrike in western Iraq.

According to one Middle Eastern media, ISIS’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been badly injured.

Al Arabiya News Channel reported that an airstrike had “critically wounded” Baghdadi in the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim according to tribal sources.

There are mixed reports by various other media but the U.S. has said its air-power hit a convoy of 10 armed trucks carrying high level ISIS leaders in another location near Mosul. A U.S. defense official could not confirm whether Baghdadi was present in that airstrike reported AFP.

The U.S. State Department has a $10 million reward for information on Baghdadi, reports news.com.

Twitter accounts used by ISIS members say their leader is alive and well.

Time will tell what Baghdadi’s fate will be.

The above video profiles both ISIS and Baghdadi.

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